The largest snow season of South America

Are you part of those anxious snow fans who wait the beginning of the ski season or one who prefers to go and enjoy the end of it?

Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

Ushuaia offers, from June to October, excellent snow conditions to enjoy an important variety of activities. Fans of alpine ski, snowboard and other mountain disciplines have the possibility to practice their favorite sport very early in the year with the best conditions. And besides, Ushuaia keeps this snow standard till the end of the season.

The best snow quality of South America

Are you planning your winter holidays; so do you want to assure the best snow for enjoying it?

Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno
The average for snowfall and climate conditions plus the narrowed thermal amplitude allow excellent snow quality. Due to this, the most important international ski teams choose Cerro Castor in Ushuaia to train for World Cup FIS or Olympic Games (22 podiums in Winter Olympic Games - Sochi 2014).
Such snow quality permits visitors to enjoy many different activities and sports there.

Cerro Castor: chosen as the BEST ARGENTINE SKI STATION by Ski World Awards:

Do you want to know why Cerro Castor won such an honour?

Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

At Kitzbuhel City, Austria Republic, on November 16th-2013, the prestigious organization SKI WORLD AWARDS, which gathers the best world ski experts, rewarded Cerro Castor of Ushuaia as the BEST ARGENTINE SKI STATION.

This honour is a recognition, not only to the exceptional technical mountain conditions, but particularly to the quality of services, the improvement of ski slopes and ski areas, its perfect logistics and caring assistance of every kind of athletes.

Enjoy skiing with the highest international standard!

Skiing less than 1000 meters height above sea level

Are you looking for a healthy and pleasant experience?
Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

Cerro Castor is the only ski station in South America and one of the few in the world where skiing is performed almost at sea level, (base 180 masl – summit 990 masl).

Skiing at low altitudes and almost at sea level allows better oxygenation, less effort of the cardiovascular system and greater enjoyment of ski practice consequently.

Ushuaia doesn´t show the typical discomforts which are present when skiing is performed at higher altitudes than 2000 masl.

EXCLUSIVE VARIETY of Winter Sports and entertainment in the snow

Tired of staying reading a book in the tearoom while your family is skiing, or you don´t want that anybody with you get bored while you are enjoying the mountain vertigo?

Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

Ushuaia is snow and fun for the whole family. Besides ski and snowboard, Tierra Mayor Valley area works as a great WINTER RESORT where people can enjoy a wide range of sports and entertainment, such as dogsledding, moto ski, snowshoeing through the fantastic fuegian forests, snow banana, or cross country ski for lovers of aerobic activities. Such variety allows three generations the unique possibility to “share & enjoy” snow holidays.

Besides, Ushuaia offers the End of the World Train excursion; Tierra del Fuego National Park; navigations along the Beagle Channel to see sea lions colonies; unforgettable 4x4 adventures and more…

Very comfortable average temperatures for winter sports practice

Afraid of “the cold weather” at the End of the World?
Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

It´s very important to know that the only “extreme” in Ushuaia is its beauty.

There aren’t extremes temperatures or latitudes. For example: If you think Ushuaia in the North Hemisphere, it will be located between Liverpool and Edinburgh, that’s to say: between The Beatles and the Royal Family. Besides, the maritime condition of Tierra del Fuego moderates the temperature respect of other continental climates.

With average temperatures around 0º C in the city and -5º C in Winter Resorts, ski practice or snow entertainment in Ushuaia is much less exposed than in Europe, USA or Canada, where skiing is performed with temperatures less than -20º C.

Amazing landscapes and unique stages in the world which combines mountains, forests and SEA!!!

Which is the difference between Ushuaia Winter Resorts and the other of the World?

Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

Ushuaia Ski Winter Resorts are exclusive in South America and probably in the world, where visitors can ski in the morning, and in the afternoon enjoy watching sea lions, Southern birds and maritime ecosystems during the navigation along the Beagle Channel aboard different kind of ships.

The Andes Mountain Range shows lush forests of Lenga and Guindo and bordering Beagle Channel provides an amazing landscape.

Ushuaia combines mountains, forests, valleys and sea environments.

Airport and matchless air connectivity

How it will be the plane arrival?


Jumbo AR

Ushuaia has one of the primary airports of Argentina and the region. Different kinds of aircrafts land there, such as Jumbo Jets, Antonovs. Besides, it was the only airport along with Ezeiza and Río de Janeiro’s airports where the Air France Concord landed.

Ushuaia International Airport Islas Malvinas records the highest rate of operations throughout the country under any weather conditions.

Ushuaia is the unique snow destination where modern aircrafts, such as Airbus 330 and Airbus 340, land daily and regularly.

International cuisine

¿Qué tiene de sorprendente la gastronomía del fin del mundo?

Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

King Crab and Black Hake are delicious dishes of internacional cuisine and you can eat both in Ushuaia as if you were in the best restaurant with international standard of the world.

The Beagle Channel produces one of the best King Crabs of the world. Across Tierra del Fuego coastline, in South Atlantic Ocean waters, the Black Hake with its delicious flesh, is fished at around 1000 metres depth.

Fuegian Lamb is a very tasty dish because of the way it is fed. They eat natural pasture with a salty component.

International and local chefs have developed an exclusive gastronomy with its own identity.


Quality of services adapted to the high demands of the European market

Does Ushuaia have an acceptable level services?


For more than 30 years, Ushuaia has mostly received international tourism each summer season by plane or by ship, through Cruise Tourism with more than 300 putting backs.

As a consequence, the quality of services in Ushuaia are according to the demands of its visitors with 5***** luxury hotels, transfers, restaurants in order to satisfy their desires and expectations. Ushuaia also offers these services during the winter season and all the year around!



Great number of cultural and entertainment activities

What can you do after skiing?

Las 12 Razones para elegir Ushuaia en Invierno

Ushuaia City has many Museums to visit: Ushuaia´s Maritime/Old Prison Museum and its Art Gallery; The End of the World Museum; Yamana´s Museum; “Pequeña Historia Fueguina” Thematic Gallery; Beban Old Family House & City Museum. Each one has different kind of atractions and topics (history, geography, old inhabitants, natives).

Pubs and casinos offer musical shows. Cinemas and theatres have several programmes to enjoy.

“Duty free” Shopping

Is it true that you can buy tax-free imported products in Ushuaia?

Ushuaia has a Custom Regime which exempts paying taxes to all domestic or imported products. So, it allows to its visitors to buy anything they want at different shopping malls in the city or shops located on the main Street. (San Martín St).

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