"Pequeña Historia Fueguina" Thematic Gallery

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The story in natural real

With incredibly real appearance you will find different scenes from Tierra del Fuego’s history recreated with large figures and replicas. The artistic quality of the scenes makes the tour become a journey into the history and secrets of Tierra del Fuego., accompanied by headphones and an audio guide in different languages.

The beginning of Ushuaia with the creation of the prison and its importance for the population and the history of the native peoples such as Yámanas, Selknam and Haush; the maritime adventures of the 19th and 20th centuries represented in characters such as Fitz Roy, Captain HMS Beagle, and Ernest Shackleton, icon of the first Antarctic expeditions. This and more, in 36 scenes audio guided in different languages.

The gallery also has an internal yard and different scenes to take photos in. In the summer afternoons, you can delight yourself with opera concerts that take place on the balcony that faces the street.

Before or after the tour, you can take the opportunity to eat or simply have a drink at the restaurant located at the top floor of the building. And, in case you don't know what to bring to your friends and family as a gift, on the ground floor you will find a gift shop with endless options.


Contact Information

+54 2901 422245 / +54 2901 436353

San Martín 152. 1st and 2nd floors.


Tuesday to Sunday from 1 to 9 p.m.


General rate
Adults $5.900
Children under 12 years old $4.400