Unique experiences

Live a different kind of holidays

The experiences lived in Ushuaia and the set of emotions they provoke are as unique as the city itself.

To get on the Train of the End of the World and travel the path of the prisoners in the National Park, to cross the mountain range in a 4×4 and have lunch in the Fuegian forest at the shore of the lake, to sail the legendary Beagle Channel where the marine fauna fascinates with its natural beauty, are unforgettable experiences.

Those who love panoramic views and enjoy strong emotions, can fulfill the dream of a ride in small planes or helicopters.

For ski lovers, in the winter season we invite you to live the experience of heli-skiing over the Andes Mountains.

Horseback riding along the shores of the Beagle or mountain trails and much more awaits you in this mythical southern corner.