Inspiring landscapes

Unique scenarios in the world that combine mountains, forests and sea

The Andes mountain range in its last section before plunging into the Atlantic, covered in high and low deciduous beech trees and evergreen forests, bordering the mythical Beagle Channel, offers a stunning landscape.

Only twenty minutes away from the city there is a unique spectacle offered by the marine ecosystem of the Beagle Channel: colonies of sea lions and southern birds. Between the months of November and March, traveling a little further from the city in modern boats, you reach Martillo Island, where an impressive colony of Magellanic penguins lives. Occasionally, it is also possible to see different species of whales.

In the valleys and mountains the landscapes are equally dazzling. There you can find a great variety of birdlife and even be surprised by the presence of red foxes or condors in the heights.