Southern Paradise

An amazing spot behind the Andes

Ushuaia has a unique climate. Thanks to its privileged location between the Andes and the Beagle Channel you can feel what it is like to have the four seasons in one day.

Between November and March the days become longer than in winter, reaching 17 hours of daylight, becoming a special gift from nature to the city and its visitors and residents.

In April and May the hours of sunshine begin to be scarcer and are accompanied by pleasant temperatures between 6°C and 15°C. Having maritime weather, the minimum temperatures are not so low and the maximum temperatures are lower than in other locations at the same latitude in the northern hemisphere.

The memories you can collect from Ushuaia and the bunch of emotions that are provoked from experiencing Ushuaia and its surroundings are inimitable. Getting on the Train of the End of the World and following the prisoners’ trail in the National Park, going cross the Andes Mountain Range in a 4x4 Off Road and have lunch in the Fuegian forest on the shore of the lakes, navigate the legendary Beagle Channel where there is an encounter with the fauna surrounded by its natural beauty, are all unforgettable experiences.

The city of Ushuaia has a big contrast in comparison to the rest of the other places in Tierra del Fuego where you can find many kilometers of steppe and desert. The nature in this spot of the earth is outstanding.

In autumn, the scenery offers delightful panoramic views full of ocher colors that seem to have been brushstroke with oil painting techniques.

Those who love panoramic views and enjoy strong emotions, will be able to fulfill the dream of taking a small plane or helicopter ride and landing in the Andes mountain range. Take a hike in the forest or horseback riding along the coast of the Beagle Channel and along mountain trails, play golf, go mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, drive an ATV and much more awaits you in this mythical southern place to experience adventures in great comfort.