National gastronomy

Delight yourself with unique products of the End of the World

Ushuaia's gastronomy presents a fusion of local elements with international techniques that result in an explosion of unique flavors and textures.

The End of the World offers star products from the highest and most exclusive international cuisine such as Southern king crab and black hake, very difficult to find even at extravagant prices in the best restaurants in the world. In Ushuaia these dishes are typical and are served fresh; They are delicacies that satisfy the most demanding customers.

The Beagle Channel offers one of the best Southern king crabs. In addition to this, the South Atlantic, off the Patagonian coast, is one of the few places in the world where the coveted black hake is fished at more than 1,000 meters of depth. Both highly valued internationally.

Cordero fueguino (lamb) is another of the star dishes that can be found in Ushuaia. It is considered one of the most noble, delicate and tasty meats in the world due to the type of natural pasture and high salt components with which the lambs are fed.

The quality of products is incomparable to other countries and have encouraged many international and local chefs to develop an exclusive cuisine with its own identity that is also nourished by algae from the Beagle Channel and unique species from the Fuegian forests.