Lakes and Tolhuin.

Great Lakes and the Heart of the Island

Traveling along Route 3 can lead you to discover the island's secrets. Ushuaia is the only trans-Andean city in our country; this means that to access its northern region, departing from Ushuaia, it's necessary to cross the Andes via the Garibaldi Pass. Winding through curves and counter-curves, the pass ascends the road until it reaches, at its highest point, a viewpoint that offers a breathtaking vista of the Escondido Lake and the immense Fagnano Lake, also known as Khami Lake in the Selknam language.

Lake Khami spans 104 kilometers and is divided by the imaginary line that separates Argentina from Chile, making it a binational lake. Excursions departing from the city of Ushuaia offer opportunities to explore these landscapes, which undergo changes in morphology as they move away from the Cordillera. Kayaking, hiking, and observing flora and fauna are among the activities available in this area.

Lakes Circuit

From the panoramic viewpoint at Paso Garibaldi you can see, behind the Escondido, Lake Khami or Fagnano, one of the largest lakes in the country, which shares jurisdiction with Chile.

The surroundings of the small and youthful city of Tolhuin offer the perfect setting for various activities. Named after the Selknam word for 'heart,' Tolhuin is ideal for sport fishing in streams and lakes teeming with trout, as well as for experiencing rural tourism. This area is distinguished by the presence of ranches that welcome visitors to share in their daily activities, explore their shearing sheds, stroll along country roads, and savor a traditional meal; reservations are necessary and can be made in advance through local agencies. Additionally, you can enjoy horseback riding along different trails combined with other outdoor pursuits.

Khami Lake is surrounded by three reserves or protected areas of great importance for bird species conservation: the "Corazón de la Isla" reserve, the Río Valdez reserve, and the Laguna Negra reserve. The latter features an interpretive trail that showcases the unique characteristics of the area and the species that inhabit it.

A few kilometers from the city of Tolhuin lies Jeujepen Hill. Ascending 300 meters brings you to a viewpoint offering an incredible panoramic view of the ecotone. For those seeking more challenge, a steeper trail leads to the summit, taking approximately 3 hours to complete.

Mapa de Tolhuin y alrededores

Tolhuin provides a range of services including lodging, dining, and transportation options for visitors.

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