Lakes and Tolhuin. Beyond the cordillera, Heart of the island.

Beyond the Andes Range

Amongst its distinctive features, Ushuaia is the only trans-Andean city in the country. The range comes in a straight line from Alaska but it bends in Tierra del Fuego island towards the east, relocating itself among the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

In order to cross the mountain range from Ushuaia towards the North of Argentina it is mandatory to go through Garibaldi Crossing, located 60 Km from the city, it is the narrowest point to go through mountain. This spot is surrounded by the waters of Escondido Lake  and the never-ending Fagnano Lake.

Lakes Circuit

From the panoramic viewpoint at Paso Garibaldi you can see, behind the Escondido, Lake Khami or Fagnano, one of the largest lakes in the country, which shares jurisdiction with Chile.

Leaving behind the Cordillera, the scenery slowly changes and gets fully dominated by Fagnano waters, an extense lake (shared between Argentina and Chile). It has a 104 Km extension and 200 m depth. The city of Tolhuin is located at the head of the lake and it is  known as the Heart of the Island as its translation from Shelkham language indicates.

The city of Tolhuin is the youngest in the province. Fagnano lake, Jeujepén mountain and the soft ruggedness of the land provide a beautiful landscape with almost no human impact, it has perfect conditions for outdoors activities. Hiking, photographic safari, flora and fauna spotting, camping. Near the city, Laguna Negra and Río Valdez “Heart of the Island Reserve” you’ll be able to practice the mentioned activities.

Sport fishing is possible in both Laguna Negra and Fagnano lake as long as you have fishing permit and apply to regulations. Tolhuin offers accommodation, transport and restoration services.