Scuba Dive

Dive into the waters of the Beagle Channel

Who said that diving was only done in warm waters? In Ushuaia, the Beagle Channel offers us hidden wonders underwater. Of course, always with special dry suits for low temperatures and in the company of professional divers.

The underwater ecosystems of the Beagle Channel are full of striking species: macroalgae forests, jellyfish, spider crabs and a great universe of tiny and colorful creatures. Beneath the surface, an incredible world unfolds, different, where time and space seem to lose relevance.

This is an activity that can be developed throughout the year. In winter the water temperature varies between 2 and 4°C while in summer it can reach between 8 and 10°C. In any season, the dry suit is essential. The good thing about diving in winter is that the waters are clearer due to the little development of plankton; With the increase in temperature, plankton begin to flourish and visibility decreases.

The dive sites are various and often depend on weather conditions. Also, the options offered vary according to the experience of each person. For the more experienced, there is the possibility of diving in the area of ​​the wreck of the Monte Cervantes ship. Also there is the option of only snorkeling, that is, dives without an oxygen tube.

Enjoy this adventure!

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