Tierra del Fuego National Park

12 Km from the city of Ushuaia is the entrance to Tierra del Fuego National Park created in 1960, protector of 68909 hectares. It’s the only park in Argentina combining marine, wood and mountain environments with the shape of a marine coast, lakes , lagoons, peatbogs and great forests dominated by lenga, guindo and ñire (different Nothofagus species). These environments form a peculiar scenery with the purest air ever found. Its fauna, mammals species such as guanaco, huillín (Lontra provocax) and fuegian foxes are exclusive in the area. The gathering of birds as a consequence of land and sea encounter is notably rich. Usually associated with water and its coasts, the kelp geese are a symbol of the National Park. The black - browed albatrosses; the flying steamer duck; oystercatchers and seagulls are a few of the species found in the area. Around forests and its surroundings  there are austral parakeets, woodpeckers, thorn-tailed rayadito and the austral thrush are the main species.

For hiking lovers, there are different options with trails perfectly marked: You’ll find strenuous, intermediate and easy trails.   The many beauties offered in Zaratiegui Bay, Acigami Lake and Lapataia Bay are the chosen sites by thousands of tourists who visit it year after year. Do not miss “concheros” (shelly deposits)  which are the vivid archeological evidence of humans thousands of years ago.

The Visitor’s Center is inside the Tierra del Fuego National Park in the cozy surroundings of Acigami lake, with a magnificent view of the lake and the source of Lapataia river, Salmón Island and Cerro Cóndor that divided Argentina and Chile. It offers special local dishes, snack bar services and public bathrooms. It also exhibits permanent cultural expositions and has a souvenir store. How to get to the park? There are many alternatives to get to the park. Hiring an excursion with a travel agency; using a regular service with mini buses with the main stop on the intersection of Maipu Ave and Juana Fadul street; or taxi/remis.  You can also reach the park with a private car and/or bikes (always bearing in mind it’s prohibited to circulate the trails with bikes). There isn’t any public transport from town. Tierra del Fuego National Park Map General Prices: This guide will help you plan your visit: Between May 1st and September 30th every year, access to the National Park is for free. From October 1st 2019, there are the prices: Payment Options: Cash, debit or credit cards (Visa – Mastercard). All prices are (Argentine pesos) ARS currency General Price $ 560,00 Discounts for National Residents $ 180,00 Discounts for Children from 6 to 12 year-olds  $ 90,00 Discounts for Province Residents $ 80,00 Discounts for High school or University Students (Resident with public or private institution ID from Argentina) $ 80,00 You've got a 50 %  discount on your ticket if you go twice in a row. During winter season every trail except the ones in Lapataia Bay area remain closed. For further information, contact muniush@gmail.com In the following link you’ll find very important additional information about Tierra del Fuego National Park. Information for travelers 2019 TDF National Park