Kayak and Canoes

Rowing in the waters at the end of the world

Ushuaia offers you the possibility of navigating its rivers, lakes and even the Beagle Channel by rowing. By kayak or canoe, this activity brings you closer to nature in a very special way. The flow of the boat in the water, the fresh air and an incredible landscape surrounding you come together to give you an unforgettable experience.

It is also a very fun activity that people of all ages can do, in many cases, without previous experience. There are multiple difficulty levels.

The local travel agencies and providers offer different types of excursions and a variety of scenarios where you can do canoeing. One possibility is in the waters of the National Park: you go down in semi-rigid boats by Lapataia River and the destination is Lapataia Bay in the Beagle Channel. Another option is to do it in Lago Escondido; and finally in the Beagle Channel, on a journey that reaches Gable Island.

These excursions can be combined with hikings and other activities. It is necessary to book them in advance.

Take the opportunity to observe nature from another perspective, pure fun and adventure.

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