The mythic Beagle Channel, inspiration for intrepid sailors

The Beagle or Onashaga Channel (native language) is a strait that joins the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Ushuaia extends along this famous channel with a port right at the center of it. This is the place of daily departure for catamarans, sailing boats, and yachts. A great offer to spot sea lions, cormorans, petreles, seagulls, penguins. In short, the profuse bird life of the Beagle Channel in its splendour. Sea Lions, birds Islands and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse is a navigation made during all year. There are options to walk on some of the island of the Bridges archipielago. Between October and March, there’s the possibility to see the penguin colony in Martillo Island, near Harberton ranch. Either you choose walking on the island on its footbridges or watching from the shore on board or catamarans.

For diving lovers, the Beagle Channel offers incredible treasures underwater like jelly fish, king crab and a whole universe of tiny, colorful creatures. The suit is mandatory because of temperatures that are between 4º/5ºC. This activity can be done all year. Finally, navigation on kayak is an amazing experience. Take images  in your memory to remember how close and far you’ve been to see the End of the World transform into something magical.