The mythic Beagle Channel

Inspiration for intrepid sailors

One of the characteristics that make Ushuaia an exceptional place is the combination of the mountains and the sea: on one side the Andes Mountains, on the other, the famous Beagle Channel, also known as Onashaga Channel in the native language, which one exactly? The strait encloses a great biodiversity, history and amazing landscapes.

Sailing through the Channel is a necessary experience on your trip to Ushuaia. In different types of boats, whether catamarans, yachts or sailboats, and with several options of tours, you will be able to admire the city and its surroundings from another perspective, visit the Beagle Islands, some inhabited by cormorants, penguins and sea lions, and reach the emblematic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. All excursions are accompanied by a professional guide.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse is located a few nautical miles from the city. It is often confused with the Lighthouse of the End of the World, located on the Island of the States, more than 200 kilometers from the city. The latter is difficult to access and not very attractive. In a guided visit to the ex-presidio you will be able to appreciate an exact replica of the real Faro del Fin del Mundo.

If you are looking for adventure, the kayak or canoe excursions along the Canal are ideal for you. You will have the opportunity to feel the sea up close and get into the nooks and crannies that make up this particular and impressive geography.

The cold and its bravura can be intimidating when diving in these waters but the reward is worth it: sea urchins, starfish, octopus and spider crabs among forests of macroalgae, hiding like treasures beneath the surface. Always with special suits for low temperatures and throughout the year, diving is an activity that is gaining more and more popularity.

75 kilometers from the city, on the coast of the Channel is Puerto Almanza, a fishing village dedicated to spider crabs and mollusks. Almanza offers a wide gastronomic offer with local products and diverse activities to enjoy the Beagle.

Gastronomy and history on the outskirts of the city

Puerto Almanza y Estancia Harberton

From there, if you look at the opposite coast you will find Puerto Williams, another small town belonging to Chile. Some tour companies offer the trip through the Channel to the neighboring island. The excursions depart one day and return the next.

Whether from underwater, sailing, or just walking along the waterfront, the Beagle offers amazing experiences.