Car / Motorcycle Rental

Municipal Ordinance Nº 5200: ZERO ALCOHOL is in force in Ushuaia.

We recommend contacting them by phone.

Useful Information

Hire the service by email in advance. Credit card for hiring is mandatory. Ask for a mobile contact and give notice to the company in case your plane company has modified your flight's timetable. Compare with other options before hiring. Make sure you know what’s included in the price (insurance, type and franchise). Ask if the price includes free use of kilometers and what’s the extra value for surplus. Check if the car has any scratches or dimples in order to avoid assuming responsibility for previous damages. Read the contract thoroughly. Take pictures when you receive it and when you hand it in. Find out what are the rules related with fuel in the travel agency. Verify the vehicle has security elements. Ask what’s the cost for returning the car in another city. 4 year-old minors must use car seats. Updated driver’s license suited for the type of car you'll drive.

In Winter

In accordance with the City’s Ordinance, when the weather conditions require it, winter tires are mandatory. These are identified with a snowflake or just say “winter”.

Ordinance Nº 382 also dictates that the vehicles circulating through steep streets (upwards or downward) have priority during WINTER.

Verify that the vehicle is in conditions and that it has the correct set of tires. Get informed on the weather and routes conditions. In case of snow storms circulate only if necessary. Avoid abrupt manoeuvers. Keep distance with the vehicle in front of you. Remove the accumulated snow on the vehicle, specially the roof. Follow the tracks left by other vehicles. When you descend maintain a slow pace and use the breaks only if necessary. Do not turn on the the engine right away. Wait for the heat to defog the windows completely. Always circulate with dimmed headlights and seat belts on. If you lose control, DO NOT PUT the breaks. Try to control the vehicle with the steering wheel. Place the skies on the roof rack. In roundabouts, vehicles circulting on it have priority.

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