The Longest Snow Season in the Southern Hemisphere

Ushuaia is snow and fun for the family

The 35 Km strip on the National Route Nº3 that shapes the Winter Centers’ Circuit dresses in white for its visitors to enjoy different winter sports in many ways.

Downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, dog-sledding, moto skiing, snowshoeing, campfire nights and sliders. All of these activities are possible with the best snow quality in an environment with the purest air ever found somewhere else. There are eight winter centers awaiting you!  For those who rather stay around the city, the base of Martial Glacier, crowned with a floating mountain glacier, is just 7 Km away from downtown where it’s possible to practise downhill ski or play around with a snowboard. Ice skating has its place on natural lakes or artificial skating-tracks as well.

From June to October, Ushuaia offers unbeatable snow conditions to enjoy multiple winter sports and entertainment  options. Excited fans eager to practise downhill ski, snowboard and other disciplines have the possibility to practise their favorite sport in optimal conditions. For those willing to finish the season, Ushuaia guarantees excellent snow conditions until the formal end of the season.

What else does Ushuaia offer in winter?

The traditional navigation on the Beagle Channel; Tierra del Fuego National Park tours; the End of the World train; Escondido and Fagnano Lakes visit on a mini bus or 4x4 tours; overflights ; city tours; museums; diving; snow horse riding; you can experience all of these at the light of sunrise and sunset; making the most of winter light. In case you didn’t know, sunrise is at 9:30 and sunset at 18:00.


Combined diurnal and nocturnal excursions

Choose the activities you prefer and enjoy a day in the valley!

Martial Glacier

In less than 10 minutes you will arrive to a mountain path that looks like it was taken out from a fairy tale. Landscapes here are unique.

End of the World Train

Get to know the corners travelled by the former prisoners on board the mythical little train.

Useful information for winter

- If you rent a vehicle verify it has the appropriate set of tires to transit on snow.

- Drive cautiously and at low speed. Do not use the hand brake precipitously. Avoid abrupt manoeuvers.

- In ushuaia, priority is for vehicles circulating steep streets.

- Set off with daylight. Avoid driving with low visibility.

- Enjoy your holidays and relax. Do not act imprudently.

- Use comfortable shoes to move. Trekking boots are perfect to have a good experience.

- If you do not have warm clothing you can rent articles them in the city for the time needed.

You can access the Travel Agencies List where you’ll be able to hire different activities.