Ice skating

Ushuaia knows how to use its particular weather conditions to have fun. Ice skating is an activity that you can enjoy both in the city center and in some winter centers. Bundle up well, put on your skates and feel yourself flowing on the ice.

Imagine skating while admiring a panoramic view of the city, with the surrounding mountains and the Beagle Channel. The “Tachuela Oyarzún” ice skating rink is located on the waterfront in front of Encerrada Bay, next to the sport facilities of the municipality.

It is an outdoor artificial ice skating rink that works as a venue for training and competitions for hockey and figure skating. In summer, it is used for roller skating. It offers a skate rental and the possibility of taking lessons. When you finish skating you can stop by the Yamana Bar to recharge batteries and have a coffee or something to eat.

Cerro Castor ski resort located 26 km outside of Ushuaia also has an artificial ice skating rink, equipment rental with a coffee area and a restaurant. In winter there are many hockey and ice skating competitions.

Some of the winter centers of the valley take advantage of the water bodies that freeze, forming a natural rink. We recommend checking in advance if they are enabled.

Where to do this activity