Valley Circuit - Winter Centers

Wonders in the mountains

The winding route 3 goes deep into the mountains that make up the southern end of the Andes Mountain Range, to present us with unique glacial landscapes in the country: extensive valleys with peat bogs, lagoons and rivers. On each side of the route and at any time of the year there are several options to enjoy the natural and culinary wonders of the Circuito de los Valles.

This area is ideal for snow activities. Here you will find Cerro Castor, one of the most famous winter centers in South America, where you can practice skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or simply enjoy a Patagonian lamb in its shelters.

There are also options for those who prefer to enjoy the snow without so much slope. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or dog sledding in the valley is a unique experience: you will feel the peace and quiet of the lenga forests dressed in white.

Motorized tours are also possible. You have tours with a bit of adrenaline on snowmobiles, ATV's and 4x4 that go through wild roads and even helicopter or light aircraft overflights.

If your idea is a more comfortable ride along the route, minibusses from different agencies take you to the main places of interest and scenic spots along with a guide.

Summer is the time to discover on foot or by bicycle the incomparable beauty of these mountains with their lagoons, peat bogs, meltwater streams and glaciers. There is a wide variety of trails with different difficulties depending on the experience of each one; in any case, they are all incredible! Specialized agencies and guides offer a wide range of possibilities including ecotourism, beaver or bird watching, canoeing and more. The hikes can be day hikes or longer circuits with overnight stays.


Walk through the landscapes offered by the mountain range and connect with nature.

Lakes Circuit

From the panoramic viewpoint at Paso Garibaldi you can see, behind the Escondido, Lake Khami or Fagnano, one of the largest lakes in the country, which shares jurisdiction with Chile.

Most of these activities can be combined with the gastronomic delights offered in the recreation centers. The star dish that you cannot miss if you want to have the full experience of the Circuito de Valles, is the famous lamb a la cruz.