Discover the Trasandinos trails

Ushuaia is a spectacular place for hiking. Short or long, with different levels of difficulty, near or far from the city. Wherever you go, the landscape surprises you: mountain ranges, peaks, summits, ridges, valleys, glaciers, lakes, rivers, peatlands, coastlines and lenga forests make up a unique location.

Hiking is a highly recommended activity in Ushuaia. In addition to the incredible landscapes that you visit, you will be able to connect with nature and breathe fresh air while you share it with your friends or family, even if you are traveling alone, walking through the mountains is ideal to reconnect with yourself; although we always recommend going in the company of a specialized guide.

Some of the most recognized hikings are Glaciar Martial, located at a few kilometers from the city, Laguna Esmeralda, a mirror full of green melt water which can be accessed from forests and peat bogs. Laguna Turquesa right in front of Laguna Esmeralda or Laguna de los Témpanos located in Andorra Valley.

There are other trails as well as different levels of difficulty. However, even the simplest ones have an indescribable beauty.

The mountains that you will find in this area are not too high but due to the climatic conditions and the relief, the different hikes involve a certain degree of difficulty. That is why we recommend going with specialized guides who have the necessary equipment and knowledge to make a pleasant and safe walk.

Put on your hiking boots and discover the secrets of the Fuegian forest.

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