Glaciar Vinciguerra y Laguna de los Tempanos

Dificultad del terreno: alta

Exigencia física: alta

Distancia: 14 km ida y vuelta

Duración: 8 horas ida y vuelta

Desnivel: 350m

At 7 kilometres from the city, entering through the Andorra Valley, you will find the path towards the Los Tempanos Lagoon and the Vinciguerra Glacier. You enter along the road "Camino del Valle" until the end, where there is a blue gate. From there the path begins. After a few minutes of walking, take the path to the left towards the river and cross the yellow bridge.

Once inside the forest there is a fork in the path that is well signposted. If you take the path to the left you will reach the Laguna de los Témpanos; if you take the path to the right you will reach the Laguna Encantada.

The trail crosses a peat bog and streams, rough paths, steep slopes and often muddy areas, to reach the imposing meltwater lagoon above the forest boundary. A little further on you will find the glacier caves, which can only be reached in the company of specialised guides.

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