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Trekking to Mirador del Glaciar Martial

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Discover the trans-Andean trails

There is no doubt that Ushuaia is a spectacular place for hiking. Short or long, with different levels of difficulty, near or far from the city. Wherever you go, the landscape will surprise you: glaciers, lagoons, streams, peat bogs and lenga forests make up a unique scenery.

Trekking is a highly recommended activity. In addition to the incredible landscapes that you will cross, you will be able to connect with nature and breathe fresh air while you share the walk with friends or family. Even if you are travelling alone, walking in the mountains is ideal to reconnect with yourself.

There are many trails and the degrees of difficulty are very diverse. However, even the simplest ones have an indescribable charm.

When choosing the most suitable trail for you and your family, it is important to take into account some parameters, the level of difficulty and the level of demand, which do not always go hand in hand.

The level of difficulty refers to the type of terrain you will be crossing. The level of difficulty has to do with the effort and physical preparation required to cover the distance and gradients of the trail.

This way you will be able to choose the trail that best suits your aptitudes and physical condition.

Medium-low difficulty trails

The mountains you will find in this area are not too high but due to the climatic conditions and the relief, the trekking involves some difficulty. That is why we recommend going with specialised guides who have the necessary equipment and knowledge to make a pleasant and safe trek.

Put on your trekking boots and go out to discover the nooks and crannies and secrets of the Fuegian forest.

Medium-high difficulty trails

The following hikes are of higher difficulty and it is our recommendation that they be done in the company of a certified mountain guide.
Remember that it is forbidden to make FIRE on the trails. Only the use of a heater is authorised. In case of any problem, please contact Civil Defence (Tel: 103) or by radio (VHF 148.615).

Get to know the options

Hiking in the National Park

The National Park offers a great variety of trails with different difficulties.


Infuetur has prepared a guide with recommendations in case of going out without the company of a professional.