Cascada y laguna Submarino

Due to recent weather conditions and rising water levels, the start of this trail is in poor condition. The log bridge across the Lasifashaj River has collapsed, and hikers are advised not to attempt to ford the river unless they are experienced and suitably dressed.
Cascada Submarino

Dificultad del terreno: media

Exigencia física: media

Distancia: 9 km ida y vuelta

Duración: 4 horas ida y vuelta

Desnivel: 240 m

The trail starts 21 kilometers from the city of Ushuaia, at the Tierra Mayor winter center, on the other side of National Route 3. To start the hike, you have to enter through a dirt road, then turn right and cross the river and continue.

Laguna Submarino

Dificultad del terreno: media/alta

Exigencia física: alta

Distancia: 14 km ida y vuelta

Duración: 7 horas ida y vuelta

Desnivel: 630 m

After the waterfall, you can continue climbing to reach the lagoon. This part of the path is more demanding. In the first part, you have to climb a fairly steep slope with ropes to help you climb. Leaving the edge of the forest, the path is stony and can be slippery on rainy days.

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