Senda glaciar Martial

Primer tramo: Base de la pista de esquí hasta mirador panorámico.

Dificultad del terreno: media

Exigencia física: media

Distancia: 4 km ida y vuelta

Duración: 1 hora 30 minutos ida y vuelta

Desnivel: 220 m

Senda completa: desde base de pista de esquí hasta base del glaciar Martial

Dificultad del terreno: media/alta

Exigencia física: alta

Distancia: 8 km ida y vuelta

Duración: 4 horas 30 minutos ida y vuelta

Desnivel: 650 m

The ski slope is located 7 kilometres northwest of the city of Ushuaia. You can enter freely and there begins the ascent towards the valley and the glaciers.

The first part of this trekking reaches a panoramic information point. From there you can continue to the base of the glacier or take one of the other trails of different difficulties: the Filo trail or the one that leads to the Negro canyon.

Although it is a medium-difficulty trail, we recommend hiring a specialized agency for greater safety.

Where to do this activity

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