Esmeralda Lagoon

Dificultad del terreno: media/fácil

Exigencia física: media

Distancia: 9 km ida y vuelta

Duración: 4/5 horas ida y vuelta

Desnivel: 220m

The path to the Esmeralda Lagoon starts 18 kilometers from Ushuaia along the National Route No. 3 on the left bank (south-north direction). It is easy to recognize the entrance as there is a large car park next to the road.

This trekking is one of the most recommended: if you come for a few days and want to visit an emblematic place in Ushuaia, the Esmeralda Lagoon is the place.

It is a medium-difficulty trail that crosses the lenga forest, a peat bog, and then ascends to reach the thawing lagoon. Ideal for those who want to enjoy nature without venturing on long walks.

Although it is a medium-difficulty trail, we recommend hiring a specialized agency for greater safety.

Where to do this activity

Guías del Sur

Bahía Sloggett y Bahía Aguirre

Arpón Turismo

Trekking a Laguna Esmeralda, Velo de la Novia, Laguna Turquesa, Vinciguerra, Estancia Túnel.