Lakes Circuit

Breathtaking Lakes in the Andes

Traveling along scenic Route 3, just over 50 kilometers from the city of Ushuaia, you will find Escondido Lake. From the panoramic viewpoint at Garibaldi Pass, you can catch a glimpse of Khami/Fagnano Lake behind Escondido, one of the largest lakes in the country that crosses the border with Chile. The road to the lakes is imposing: mountains, glaciers, peatlands, and streams accompany the winding route that reveals a new landscape at every turn.

Excursions to the lakes start in the morning and end in the afternoon. You will be able to visit the most important panoramic viewpoints, explore valleys, hike trails, and enjoy local cuisine, in addition to touring the lake shores.

There are different types of excursions, some more conventional in minibuses or 4x4 vehicles. The latter option offers the possibility of traveling on rugged roads, adding a bit of adventure to the excursion. Furthermore, they can be combined with different activities such as canoeing, beaver watching, longer treks, or horseback riding.

Classic excursion Escondido and Khami lakes (Fagnano)

This excursion can be done in minibuses or in 4x4 off-road vehicles. It begins in the morning and lasts approximately 6 hours. Various panoramic points are visited along national route 3, including the Garibaldi Pass that crosses the Andes mountain range. From there you can see the Escondido and Khami (Fagnano) lakes. On the way back, lunch is taken at a winter center, where you can taste the famous Fuegian lamb, among other options.


Lakes Off Road Excursion + lunch. 

The excursion to the lakes off-road presents incredible landscapes that can only be accessed in 4x4 vehicles and entering rough roads. Starts in the morning and lasts all day. Like the classic excursion, the most emblematic panoramic points of national route 3 are visited, and then the adventure continues inside the forest until reaching the lakes. Most of the providers offer lunch, some on the shores of the lake, others in one of the winter centers. The tour includes roundtrip transportation.


Escondido Lake excursion + horseback riding.

This option to visit the lakes includes the possibility of visiting the shore of the lake on horseback. The tour starts at 3:30 pm and lasts approximately 5 hours. You will appreciate the landscapes of the mountain range and get to know old sawmills and shelters that belong to estancias/ranches of the area. Includes snacks and roundtrip transportation to the hotel.