Horse riding

Discover the end of the world while horse riding

One way to get to know Ushuaia is by horse riding. At a time not too long ago in our history, many places on the island were only accessible on foot, and when these were far away or in difficult terrain, the only option was to get there on horseback.

Going on a horseback ride is an opportunity to know the depth of the Fuegian forest, enjoy a quiet ride or feel the wind on your face at a gallop.

There are many places to visit on the island of Tierra del Fuego to get by horse. The rides depart From Centro Hípico to the sourrandings of Ushuaia along the trail of Susana Mount, going through the Andean forest with privileged views of the Beagle Channel.

Excursions can last from 2 to 7 hours. If you want a more demanding activity, there are excursions with an overnight stay. The expedition to Peninsula Mitre -located in the extreme southeast of Tierra del Fuego Island - is one of them: it requires time and preparation, it lasts around 10 days, and you have to book it in advance.

Another possibility are those that take place in the valley of Tierra Mayor that last about an hour. There, the landscape is different: you ride surrounded by the stunning mountains of the Andes mountain range.

You can also ride through the area of ​​Lago Escondido, following the old paths that connect to the first sawmills of the estancias in the area, visiting shelters and bordering the beautiful lake. This can be combined with the 4x4 off-road excursions that take place in the area and last all day.

All options have the company of a specialized guide, and it is necessary to book them in advance.

Know the providers that offer horseback riding in different places of Ushuaia.


+54 9 2901 614596

Excursions that it offers:

Horseriding in the area of Lago Escondido

Half-day excursion (from 3:30 pm to 7 pm): One hour horseback riding in the area of Lago Escondido with snack in the countryside in a refuge. You can choose between 1 or 2 hours of horseback riding.


Off Road Lakes + Horseback Riding

Full day excursion (from 9 to 17 h). The objective is to know the two lakes through 4x4 adventure. Includes breakfast at the Lago Escondido shelter and lunch - picada, roast beef and free drink - at the Lake Fagnano shelter.

All excursions include an expert guide, transfer, insurance and refreshments or full board. You can ask for special menus (vegetarian, vegan, flourless or sugar-free).

Centro Hípico Ushuaia

+54 9 2901 569099

Horseback riding in the Monte Susana area (minimum 2 people, maximum 10)

10 day excursion to Península Mitre: consult calendar.

Rates for people with disabilities 10% discount.

All excursions include specialized guide, transfer, insurance, medical coverage and communication. Ask for special menus (vegetarian, celiac).

Arakur Experience

+54 9 2901 442903

It offers two horseback riding proposals in the Cerro Alarkén Reserve.

Native Forest Tour

It goes into the trails of the lenga and coihue forest and ends at the viewpoint of the Laguna del Turbal. The tour lasts 1 hour.

Beagle Channel Viewpoint Tour

This tour also crosses the forest. It includes a snack and arrives at the viewpoint of the Beagle Channel.