Cross country skiing

Slide down the valleys

This activity is ideal for people who want to enjoy the snow avoiding slopes. With a couple of light boards you will slide down a marked path between valleys and forests. Cross country skiing is a perfect activity to share with your family and friends while enjoying a little bit of aerobic exercise. It is very easy to learn and consists of a parallel gliding style that is comparable to an everyday walking stride but with the addition that it goes through the flat and slightly undulating valleys.

Thanks to the long winter season we have and the good quality of the snow, it is a highly recommended place to practice cross-country skiing and get to know the valleys in an entertaining way.

Close to the city, going up the Martial Mountains there is a path to do so or going outside the city along National Route 3, there are ski valleys with pists to enjoy cross-country skiing.

These ski areas offer rental equipment shops and some of them ask for a fee to enter the ski pistes. If you have your own you only pay for a ski pass per day, week or the time you need. If it is your first time doing this activity you can book a lesson with an instructor or if not do it by yourself. There are many travel agencies in the city that offer combined activities and can be booked in advance.

Where to do this activity