Sailing and hiking along H Island

This excursion allows you to get a little closer to the wonders of the Beagle Channel. It is a tour of the islands in small boats - no more than 12 people - that facilitate better contact with the environment. You will be able to see colonies of birds and sea lions up close on land, the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse and the unique landscapes that the end of the world offers.

After the sightings, you will disembark on H Island and hike along a small interpretive trail of approximately 1 hour. Here, in addition to flora and fauna, there are archeological sites of the native people: the Yamana who inhabited and traveled to islands on their canoes.

If you are looking for adventure, you can take this excursion with a maximum of 10 people. The boat has an engine in case the weather conditions are not optimal for sailing. In this type of navigation you do not get to the lighthouse.

The other option it's in a yatch. Both tours takes near 4 hours.

Tres Marías ofrece dos formas de navegar el Canal Beagle pasando por la Isla de los Pájaros, la Isla de los Lobos  y caminar por la Isla H.

Una es a bordo del velero “If..”. En caso de que no haya viento, el paseo se hace con el motor del velero. Es una buena opción para los más osados. Su capacidad máxima es de 10 personas.

La otra manera es en el Yate Seagold, una embarcación confortable y veloz que permite visitar también el faro Les Eclaireurs. Su capacidad máxima es de 12 personas

Las excursiones incluyen ropa impermeable, cafetería, snacks y caminata.

Información de contacto

+54 9 2901 582060

Av. Prefectura Naval. Zona del muelle comercial

Salidas con reserva previa.


Tres Marias excursiones

Tarifas: $5600