Sailing to the penguin colony

About 90 kilometers from Ushuaia is Martillo Island, or better known as "the penguin colony", the only penguin colony in Tierra del Fuego.

Between October and April it is possible to see two species of penguins that come to spend their reproductive period on this island in the channel: the Magellanic penguin and the Gentoo penguin in smaller numbers. Occasionally, you can be surprised with King Penguins.

There are different excursions that take you to see this incredible place.

Some providers start the tour from the commercial pier, passing by some islands until reaching the penguin colony.

Others include the transfer to Puerto Almanza and from there the navigation begins; this tour, depending on the company you hire, can be done by sailboat or motorboat.

The last option includes the transfer to Estancia Harberton, from where the navigation starts, and a walk through the penguin colony.

Here are the companies that offer these excursions. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Destino Patagonia

Navigations to the Bridges Islands.


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Hiking in the penguin colony. sale of all types of excursions.


Navigations to the Bridges Islands.

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Navigations to the Bridges Islands.


Navigations to the Bridges Islands.


Navigations to the Bridges Islands. Sale of all types of excursions

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Navigations to the Bridges Islands.