Redonda Island and the Fin del Mundo Post Office

Inside Tierra del Fuego National Park -more precisely in Zaratiegui Bay- there is the last post office of Argentina. It is a small iron sheet house located on the shores of the Beagle Channel. Decorated with stamps and stickers left by those who visited it.

There the tradition to send postcards remains intact and it allows you the possibility of surprising your beloveds with a lovely gesture from the southernmost post office of the continent or certifying your passport with an End of the World stamp.

Currently, it is not possible to cross to the island

Right in front is Redonda Island, a small island that houses another headquarters of the post office and a navy post. Depending on the time and weather conditions, it is possible to make the crossing to visit it. On the island you can hike along a small path to a natural viewpoint that shows the Beagle Channel from a unique perspective.

Estafeta Post Office

Temporarly closed.


Isla Redonda

Currently, the crossing to the island it is not available.