Sport Fishing

Empowering patience in Tierra del Fuego

The fishing season extends -in general- from November to May. However, in some areas it may start a few months later or be finished some time earlier.

The island of Tierra del Fuego presents a great variety of environments to practice sport fishing and enjoy the peace of nature.

The fishing modalities allowed are: fly fishing or spin fishing, with the use of corresponding equipment for each case.

The trawling method from a propelled boat is prohibited, as well as the use of artificial lures that contain batteries or batteries, due to their possible polluting power.

You can download the app "Sport Fishing – TDF" to manage your fishing permit and get more information

Available for iOS and Android.

Places available for fishing according to the season and other indications

Fishing with compulsory return is allowed in all the environments of the Natural Protected Areas of the Province, except for express disposition of the enforcement authority, such as festivals, tournaments, etc.

Didymo algae

Didymo algae or moco de roca is an exotic organism that has entered Patagonia and, under certain circumstances, forms layers up to 25 cm thick that cover stream beds and pose a serious risk to freshwater ecosystems. This algae can remain viable out of water, in cool, humid and dark places for more than 40 days. For this reason, equipment related to aquatic activities such as fishing, among others, become vectors of propagation and can transfer the algae to other sites.

In order to prevent the spread of Didymo, in Tierra del Fuego it was decided that those entering the province should carefully wash and disinfect their fishing equipment (waders, wading boots, individual floats, boats, etc.), exposing them for at least one minute in the following solutions:

2% bleach

5% salt (500 g of common salt in 10 liters of water).

National Park

This year you can also fish in the National Park - in the Ovando and Lapataia rivers - but you will have to buy a different permit at the National Parks office, which is paid in cash.

Permits can be purchased at:

Address Telephone
Asociación de Caza y Pesca Maipú 822. +54 2901 423168 After 3 pm.
Casa de Campo Fly Shop Onas 416. +54 2901 423331
Solo Pesca Alem 2538.
Parques Nacionales Administration San Martin 1395 +54 2901 421315 Mon to Friday from 11 am to 2 pm.

Fly Cast offers a private fishing excursion in Lago Escondido.

The tour starts when you are picked up at the hotel or port. After an hour drive along National Route 3, you will arrive at Escondido Lake where you will be able to fish Rainbow, Brown and Fontinalis trout. There you board a semi-rigid boat and the fishing starts.

You can choose between fly fishing or spinning.

The excursion includes high-end equipment and a snack and drinks of your choice.

Contact information

+54 9 2901 503475

+54 9 2901 503475

Fly Cast Ushuaia