Tours in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Choose the best way to know the national park.

Even though the park can be visited on your own, here we leave you the options in case you want to hire an excursion with guides and combine it with other activities.

Get to know them!

The classic

The tour begins when they pick you up at the hotel in the morning. During the excursion you will stop to take pictures and at the main panoramic viewpoints. The places you visit are: Ensenada Zaratiegui Bay, Lapataia Bay and there is a short walk along Laguna Negra trail that takes you to Lago Acigami.

Duration 4 hours

Trekking and inflatable canoes

To carry out this excursion it is not necessary to have previous experience, it is of low difficulty. In the first place, they pick you up at your accommodation and once in the Park, the hiking begins along the coastal track of approximately 6.5 kilometers. After the hike, you will have lunch at Lago Acigami and from there the canoeing adventure begins from Lapataia River to Lapataia Bay.

-This excursion takes place between October and May

-The boat ride is subject to the weather.

Duration 8 hours approximately: 4 hours of hiking and 1 hour and a half of canoeing.

Combined with the End of the World Train.

This excursion is similar to the classic one, only it includes the one-way trip of the End of the World Train.

Check with local travel agencies or with your provider