Espacio "Pensar Malvinas"

Ushuaia, capital of Malvinas.

History and proximity connects Ushuaia with the Islas Malvinas in a very strong way. The city offers different tours to learn a little more about Argentina's claim to sovereignty over the Islas Malvinas.

In the Espacio Pensar Malvinas’ Museum you can find objects, letters and newspaper clippings about the heroes who fought in 1982. Photographs, documentation referring to the first sighting of the island, the Treaty of Tordesillas, British invasions, negotiations at the UN: all this exhibited in an old house that transports you to the beginnings of the city of Ushuaia. It is a typical Fuegian house that belonged to the Torres family and today is part of the Paseo de los Antiguos Pobladores.

If you walk 700 meters along the waterfront, you will reach the Plaza Islas Malvinas surrounded by a photographic exhibition. The war memorial and the eternal fire flame are truly moving and provide a space for reflection and memory.

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Maipú Av. and 12 de Octubre

Open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 5pm. Friday 2pm to 5pm. Weekends closed.


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Av. Maipú and Pasarela Luis Pedro Fique