Estancia Harberton

Part of the history

Estancia Harberton is located 82 kilometres from Ushuaia. Founded in 1886 by missionary Thomas Bridges, Estancia Harberton was the first productive enterprise in Tierra del Fuego. In 1999 it was declared a National Historic Monument.

Nowadays it offers a tour that combines history, science, nature and gastronomy, as well as accommodation services.

To walk through the estancia is to walk through a fundamental piece of the island's history.

If you pay the entrance fee to the estancia, you can enjoy a guided walk through the old part of the estancia, which is considered a National Historic Monument. There you will be able to appreciate the first natural reserve in Tierra del Fuego, the old shearing shed, the carpentry shop, the house of the oldest boat built in Tierra del Fuego and the beautiful garden of the main house.

Admission also includes a guided tour of the unique Acatushun Museum of Birds and Marine Mammals which houses life-size underwater representations and part of the extensive collection of skeletons collected by Dr. Natalie Goodall and her interns on the Fuegian coast.

There is a restaurant overlooking the main house, the mountains and the Beagle Channel that serves typical dishes of the estancia.

There is also a Tea House "Acawaia" located in the old main house. There you can taste the family's traditional pastries: rhubarb, chocolate, apple, lemon and cinnamon cake, scones and homemade biscuits.

Haberton also offers specialised programmes with accommodation: all inclusive, half board and Bed and Breakfast.

The restaurant works only with previous reservation. It offers three fixed menu options: lentil stew, Haberton soup made with vegetables, sheep and beef, or salad from our Historical Orchard, depending on the harvest of the day. The menu includes a soft drink, dessert and tea or coffee. 

Contact information

Route nº 33 (ex route J) Km 45 - 85 km from Ushuaia. /

Open from Wednesday to Monday, from 2pm to 7pm. Guided tours of the Acatushún Museum.


Estancia Harberton


General $10.000
Children under 10 years old