Museo de la Ciudad

Also known as Casa Pena, this museum is part of what is known as the old settlers' promenade, located on the waterfront.

It was built in 1928, located at 263 Maipú Avenue. It belonged to the Pena family as a private house. Composed by 84m2 covered, it had a living room, a dining room kitchen and two bedrooms. It had a wooden structure and sheet metal siding.

In 1958 Carlos Luis Pena sold the property to Esteban Filipovich. It was used as a family home until the 1970s. From that period onwards, the Justice of the Peace and the Customs Office began to operate. Then it passed the domain to the transport company El Pampeano, and after its bankruptcy it was sold judicially in 1999.

Its new owner Sian Zon Li decided to donate it to the Municipality of Ushuaia, and it was inaugurated on October 13, 2009 as the City Museum.

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Maipú y Pluschow

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm.

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