The prison of the End of the World and the Maritime Museum

The origins of the city and the history of the South Atlantic islands.

In the pavilions of the Ushuaia‘s old prison you can find the Maritime Museum, the Antarctic Museum and a Museum of Marine Art. This place contains the history of famous shipwrecks and indigenous peoples, European seafarers and their expeditions, the stories of missionaries, ranchers, gold prospectors, smugglers, sea lion hunters, explorers, political prisoners and inmates, early Antarctic expeditions, classic and modern works of art, and more.

Inside the museum there is an art gallery with traveling exhibits, a book and souvenir shop, and a coffee shop in the central hall that also acts as a place for events. If you go out into one of the internal courtyards, between the pavilions, you will find the old bakery where numerous films have been screened and theater plays have been performed.

Walking through these corridors is a way to live the history of what was once an inhospitable corner, visited by a few adventurers or by those who were sent to pay their sentences at the End of the World.

The old prison is part of the origins and development of the local community. Built by the prisoners themselves, it is a living heritage of the island of Tierra del Fuego in particular the city of Ushuaia.

El museo ofrece diversos tipos de visitas guiadas en horarios establecidos. Hoy, sólo se encuentra disponible una de ellas.

-La visita convencional que recorre el museo narrando una parte de la historia. En este recorrido vas a poder conocer la réplica exacta del faro del Fin del Mundo que se encuentra en la Isla de los Estados.

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Open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Museo Maritimo y del Presidio de Ushuaia

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Fuegians resident $3000
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