"Bahia Encerrada" Natural Urban Reserve

Nature in the heart of the city.

The reserve is a characteristic place in Ushuaia. It is of vital importance: it works as a green lung, protecting basins and coasts, preserves wild species and contributes to natural phenomena such as bird migration, also protects historical sights, wild landscapes and fosters the relationship between people and the natural environment.

Some years ago the mirror and the wetland including the grassland that surround it came to be considered a natural reserve. Bahia Encerrada Association and Municipalidad de Ushuaia carry out environmental education with other local institutions.

It is located at the beginning of Prefectura Naval Av. and Encerrada refers to its location enclosed by the runway that connects the area of the old airport with the city. If you walk around you will find panoramic views of the city and the iconic Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains.

But that is not its only charm: the reserve is habitat of more than 50 species of birds that can be seen mostly in spring and summer. Following the trails and the walkways arranged to preserve the environment you will arrive at the viewpoints where you will be able to rest and observe some of these.

The reserve honors those who fought for its creation. On the one hand, the Graciela Ramacciotti passage, in honor of the memory of the ecologist and defender of the environment in our city; also, the Mingo Moreno viewpoint, a great promoter of the Bahía Encerrada Urban Nature Reserve.

The reserve is free and open without restrictions for visits and has interpretive posters.

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Av. Costanera (Prefectura Naval Argentina) & 12 de Octubre.

No time restrictions

Abe Asociación Bahía Encerrada

Free entrance