How to get here?

Land access

Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur province. It is the youngest in Argentina's republic territory and the only one with insular condition. The island (Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego) is separated from the rest of the continent by the Strait of Magellan which belongs to Chilean territory.

As you can see on the map, in order to get to Ushuaia by land you must cross the Strait of Magellan. There is a company that provides a ferry service that works every day of the year with a wide range of timetables.

The National Route N°3 on the east and the National Route N°40 on the west through Los Andes Cordillera meet at the city of Río Gallegos, province of  Santa Cruz which is located 60 Km approx. from the border between Argentina and Chile. This point is known as Paso de Integración Austral (Southernmost Integrated Crossing) where migration paperwork is done to access the Republic of Chile. Transit is at about 100 Km until Punta Delgada to get on board of the ferry. After a half hour navigation you reach Bahia Azul, still on Chilean land. The trip goes on for about 120 Km to find the border at San Sebastian. After contemplating migration paperwork you access to Argentina once again. Ushuaia awaits at 293 Km from this place.

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Requirements for vehicles on transit in and out Tierra del Fuego

Requirements for passengers in and out Tierra del Fuego

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Fasten your seatbelt and use dimmed headlights. If you drink, don’t drive. In Tierra del Fuego, alcohol policy is zero tolerance. Avoid driving at night. Children should always travel on the back seat with their seatbelts fasten. Do not go pass vehicles in the presence of yellow lines, bridges, bends, rail crossings and urban areas. Keep cautious distance between vehicles. Do not use mobile phones or any other devices that cause distraction or tension while driving. On the border of Argentina-Chile there is a phytosanitary barrier that forbids perishable goods access (meat, cold meat, fruits and vegetables, etc). At border crossing follow the orders of Gendarmería Nacional (National Police).

Air Access

Malvinas Argentinas International Airport is located 5 Km from town. This is a privileged spot given that not many aero stations in the world are so near to urban centers.

It was inaugurated in 1995. It has a 3000 m long track, day and night air navigation systems and a modern service infrastructure ready to receive any type of aircrafts, from the smallest to the most modern Boeing or Air Bus crafts.

Departing from Buenos Aires, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery or Ezeiza International Airport Ministro Pistarini, Ushuaia is located at 3 hours - flight and has an annual average of 6  flights per week, reaching 11 in summer. It is important to highlight it doesn’t have any public transport from the airport to the city center; the only means are taxi, remise or hiring a transfer service.

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Maritime Access

Summer welcomes thousands of passengers on board of cruise ships and other ships coming to visit the city. The port development has carried out together with Ushuaia growth and evolution.

Tourist activities run the whole year since navigations on the Beagle Channel depart from there.

You can find cruise ships schedules here:;

Useful information for travelers

Useful Information:

SENASA Ushuaia: Ricardo Guiraldes 535; Tel: 02901 423512. SENASA Río Grande: Arteche 805; Tel: 02964 431063. Dirección Nacional de Migraciones Ushuaia: Gobernador Deloqui 1475; Tel: 02901 422334 Dirección Nacional de Migraciones Río Grande: Beauvoir 106; Tel: 02964 421924 Gendarmería Nacional: Escuadrón 44. Ushuaia. Av. Perito Moreno 1125. Tel: 02901-431800. Gendarmería Nacional: Escuadrón 62. Río Grande: Belgrano 809. Tel: 02964-429091. Consulado de Chile en Ushuaia: Jainén 50. Tel: 02901-430909. Gendarmería Nacional Paso San Sebastian: Tel: 02964-433260. Gendarmería Nacional Paso Integración PASO INTEGRACIÓN AUSTRAL – MONTE AYMOND. Tel: 02966-490200/201.