The Secretariat of Tourism

Ever since its creation in June 1991, the former “Dirección de Turismo” has grown throughout the years and risen in hierarchy inside the institutional structure of a city council highly interested in the touristic activity as a socio-economic foundation for its community growth.

The Secretariat of Tourism of the Municipality of Ushuaia is determined to design the city as a touristic destination with identity and deferienciate in the national and international context; such design must be qualified, competitive and sustainable. Locals must be actively present generating an equitable distribution of economic benefits in the activity.

These are the bases in which we base our planning and actions in order to:

Our work team is formed by young professionals trained in different fields such as tourism, hotel industry, international relations, business administration, information technology, teaching and studying. Men and women committed with the city we live in and the future we dream of.

The touristic policy of the Secretariat is addressed to hold the touristic influx all year intervening in the commerce chain that aims to gain the highest purchasing power segments in alternative markets through the promotion of an offer based in diversity and quality products impacting positively in the well-being and the socio-economic, self-sustainable development  of the community.