It is a special season for traveling due to the particular activities it offers.

In winter the average temperatures in the city vary between -2°C and 2°C, while in the winter resorts they are between -5°C and 5°C. The presence of the sea moderates the low temperatures so that, even in winter, the thermal sensation is not as extreme as one might imagine due to its southern latitude.

From July to September the great attraction is the ski resorts and the impressive snowy landscape. Ushuaia's winter season is known as the longest in South America and with snow of exceptional quality.

Suggested Winter Activities

Combined diurnal and nocturnal excursions

Choose the activities you prefer and enjoy a day in the valley!

Martial Glacier

In less than 10 minutes you will arrive to a mountain path that looks like it was taken out from a fairy tale. Landscapes here are unique.

End of the World Train

Get to know the corners travelled by the former prisoners on board the mythical little train.