Ushuaia Bureau Development Agency

The Organization, who are we?

In 2005, and by the simultaneous will of businessmen and the Municipality of Ushuaia, it was decided to create a mixed public/private organization whose function would be the promotion and improvement of the tourist activity as a factor of economic development of Ushuaia. Thus, the Ushuaia Development Agency Confederation was made official, with the principles of mixed resources and decision, and for the fulfillment of very well defined social objectives.

Promote and encourage local economic development. Promote tourism development in the city. Promote and project the "USHUAIA" brand in the global market. Encourage the development of promotional events. To act as a Convention and Visitors Bureau for Ushuaia as a tourist destination. To provide technical assistance and promote standards to improve the quality of products and services offered by the city. To promote innovation, research and development of new services, products and processes, and the technological modernization of companies and the State. To contribute in all actions in accordance with the economic development objectives of the Strategic Plan of the city of Ushuaia and the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism. Promote market research and provide information to companies regarding productive activities: product demands, fairs and exhibitions, trade missions, financing sources, potential customers and suppliers, among others. To be a training agent and guide the different proposals of the public sector and the associated members of the private sector to promote learning in the most demanded topics of the productive sectors of the province. To contribute as a public/private multisectoral organization so that the following are agreed upon: (a) business policies based on productivity, competitiveness and socially responsible practices, and (b) public policies for the sustainable development of the city of Ushuaia in the social, economic and environmental areas.

As a productive component, the following business chambers are associated with this institution: the Tourism Chamber of TDF, the Hotel and Gastronomy Chamber of TDF, the Chamber of Commerce and other Business Activities of Ushuaia, the Fuegian Association of Travel and Tourism Agents and the Association of Tourism Hotels of the Argentine Republic (AHT). The public component is the Municipality of Ushuaia, and the academic/professional component is the National University of Tierra del Fuego, the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of TDF and the College of Architects of the Province of Tierra del Fuego.

The Agencia de Desarrollo Ushuaia is organized in the sub-structure Ushuaia Bureau and the sub-structure Institute for Local Economic Development, each of them managed by a First and Second Vice President respectively.

See our statute.